Water desalination plants 400-800 gallons


Water desalination plants 400-800 gallons One of the most widely used products in small factories, hotels, restaurants and labs, and its most important features are:

  • The productivity of potable water starts from 1500 liters/day to 3000 liters/day.
  • It works to purify the water from sand, sediments and any non-dissolved substances in the water.
  • Water purification from chlorine, chemicals and organic materials.
  • It works to desalinate water from harmful salts and heavy mineral salts by reverse osmosis system R.O.
  • Desalination the water from Mineral salts up to 2000 ppm maximum.
  • Water sterilization from bacteria and viruses.
  • The possibility of adding another tank to store potable water.
  • It works with an automatic operating system (turning off the operation when the water is cut off or the tank is full).
  • Energy-saving works on a voltage of 24V.

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