Industrial wastewater treatment plants


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Establishing industrial wastewater treatment plants. Industrial wastewater treatment plants consist of several stages that are implemented to reach the required produced water, including:

  • Initial collection tank.
  • Screen Basket.
  • Chemical treatment chemical injection system.
  • Tank mixer.
  • Air pumping system in ponds.
  • Sedimentation tank.
  • Final purification filters.
  • Final sterilization.

-The highest quality of all components and the lowest energy consumption

-Integrated water plants, production capacity starting from 50 cubic meters per day up to 2000 cubic meters per day

Industrial wastewater treatment plant systems:

  • SBR
  • MBBR
  • MBR

Prices of industrial wastewater treatment plants in Egypt:

The prices of industrial wastewater treatment plants in Egypt are determined based on the following factors:

  • Type of feeding water (municipal water, wells, seas).
  • Chemical and bacterial analysis of feed water.
  • The amount of water to be produced from the plant.
  • The purpose of using the produced Out water (drinking water, agricultural water, industrial water).

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