Sea water desalination plants


Sea water desalination plants

  • Seawater desalination plants are the main source of fresh water in most Arab countries and the Arab Gulf States, due to the lack of fresh water sources such as (rivers – groundwater – well water).
  • Egypt has recently tended to implement many seawater desalination projects on the Egyptian coasts due to the expansion of cities and modern projects.
  • The Engineering of Supplementary Projects company (ESP) relies on the design of a water desalination plant, we must take into account the following:

– Perform a complete chemical, physical and bacterial analysis of water elements to determine the best appropriate methods for water treatment and purification before the desalination process.

– The amount of water to be produced per hour.

– The purpose of using the produced water (for agriculture – industry – for drinking).

– Energy source (solar energy – electric energy – electric generators).

– Ensure the availability of drainage to drain the water of the station.

– A suitable design to ensure the continuity of the plant’s operation with high efficiency for the longest possible period and the lowest energy consumption.

Production capacity

Starting with 1500 gallons/day.

Components of seawater desalination plants:

  • Sea water source (marine-well outlet).
  • Initial treatment and sterilization system.
  • Feed Initial water tank.
  • Feed Water supply pump.
  • Sand filter.
  • Carbon filter.
  • Micro Cartridge Filter
  • Chemical injection system.
  • O. desalination plant
  • Out Water production tank.
  • Out production pumps.
  • Ultimate sterilization system.
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