R.O Filter 400 Gallons Direct flow 5 stages


5-Stage Filter 400 Gallons Direct flow – R.O

The purification and desalination filter R.O is considered the highest water production filter, as it works to treat and desalinate water using the reverse osmosis system (400 gallons Direct flow – R.O) due to the recent poor water quality. It is considered one of the best solutions suitable for obtaining 100% pure and healthy drinking water.

Device stages:

  • 1 –  (Polypropylene)  Stage: It is a sediment filter of 5 microns to remove suspended matter such as dust, sediment, insects, rust and fibers.
  • 2 – Carbon Granules Stage  It is an effective, ground carbon filtration stage to remove concentrated chlorine and chlorine involved in chemical reactions such as chloramines (TCE, s & THM, s).
  • 3 – Carbon block Stage  : It is a solid carbon filtration stage to remove any extra chlorine and absorb organic and biological materials and chlorine residues.
  • 4 – Membrane R.O stage (the stage responsible for removing salts): It is a semi-permeable membrane with a pore of 0.0001 microns, a productivity of 400 gallons, which helps in the desalination process by removing harmful salts, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals and disposed of in the drain.
  • 5 – Post-Carbon Stage  (Activated Carbon): It is the stage of water treatment immediately before use in which the water passes through the activated carbon granules to remove any odors or gases that cause a change in the taste.

Device specifications:

  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 18 x 42 cm
  • Hand mixer tap
  • Membrane 400 gallons
  • Without water tank Direct flow
  • Powerful Taiwanese pump with a capacity of 125psi
  • An electrical switch (Trans) works with a voltage of 24V
  • Material: rust resistant metal, food-safe pure plastic
  • The filter metal holder of the device is raised off the ground
  • Using the double O-ring for added safety make the filter lake proof
  • Approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • ضمان عام General warranty
  • ضمان سنة ( One Year Warranty )

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