Water Filtration and Desalination Filter 7 Stages R.O


Water Filtration and Desalination Filter 7 Stages R.O

The R.O purification and desalination filter is the bestselling filter in Egypt and the world, as it treats and desalinates water using the reverse osmosis system.

Cos to the poor quality of the water recently, it is considered one of the best suitable solutions for obtaining 100% pure, healthy drinking water.

Device stages:

1-(Polypropylene) Stage: It is a sediment filter of 5 microns to remove suspended matter such as dust, sediment  insects, rust and fibers.

2 – Carbon Granules Stage: It is an effective, ground carbon filtration stage to remove concentrated chlorine and chlorine involved in chemical reactions such as chloramines (TCE, s & THM, s).

3 – Carbon block Stage: It is a solid carbon filtration stage to remove any extra chlorine and absorb organic and biological materials and chlorine residues.

4 – Membrane R.O  stage (the stage responsible for removing salts): It is a semi-permeable membrane with pores of 0.0001 microns, which helps in the desalination process by removing harmful salts, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals and disposed of in the drain.

5 – Post-Carbon Stage  (Activated Carbon): It is the stage of water treatment immediately before use in which the water passes through the activated carbon granules to remove any odors or gases that cause a change in the taste.

6 – Calcite Stage : It adds beneficial minerals to the body such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium and other minerals and helps to improve the taste and remove odors from the water.

7 – Infrared Stage (FAR): Responsible for increasing the oxygen level in pure water to provide healthier drinking water for the human body.

Device specifications:

-Dimensions: 35.5 x 18 x 42 cm

-Water tank height: 40.5 cm

  • Water tank width: 26 cm
  • Hand mixer tap
  • Membrane 75-100 gallons
  • 5 gallon (12 liter) water tank
  • Powerful Taiwanese pump with a capacity of 125psi
  • An electrical switch (Trans) works with a voltage of 24V

Material: Rust resistant metal, food-safe pure plastic

– Rust resistant metal for the filter body

– Using the double O-ring for added safety make the filter lake proof

– Approved by the Food and Drug Administration

General warranty

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