O3 ozone water sterilization systems


What is ozone gas?

Ozone is one of the components of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth, and its importance is to protect the Earth from ultraviolet rays that have great damage to living organisms.

What is ozone gas made of?

Ozone gas consists of three oxygen atoms O with the molecular formula O3, and ozone is formed as a result of exposure of oxygen in the air to the discharge of a strong electric current through the air, where it is formed in the upper atmosphere when lightning passes through the air.

Ozone water sterilization O3

Ozone water sterilization is the most effective way to disinfect and treat water, and it is approved by the FDA to eradicate toxins in the water, given the natural properties of ozone gas, which make it a very strong oxidizer, and it excels in destroying different types of live pollutants from parasites. And viruses and bacteria, in addition to its ability to get rid of chemical pollutants such as pesticides and toxic metals in water, more effectively than chlorine, which made ozone sterilization of drinking water currently the most common way to treat water, where ozone-sterilized water represents more Of 90% of the world’s pure water, including bottled water.

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